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policies and procedures

Required Policies and Procedures

A provider agency must have policies and procedures in place that include at a minimum:


  1. Procedures for using a person-centered approach to identify individually determined goals and promoting choice.
  2. A detailed description of how the provider will protect the health, safety, and well-being of the recipients served.
  3. Procedures for ensuring compliance with background screening and five year rescreening.
  4. Hours and days of operation and the notification process to be used if the provider is unable to provide services for a specific time and day scheduled (such as arrangements for a qualified back-up provider).
  5. Procedures for ensuring the recipient’s medications are administered and handled safely.
  6. A description of how the provider will ensure a smooth transition to and from another provider (if desired by the recipient or their legal representative).
  7. The process for addressing recipient complaints and grievances regarding possible service delivery issues.
  8. Procedures for ensuring recipient confidentiality and maintaining and storing records in a secure manner.
  9. Policies and procedures which detail the methods for management and accounting of any personal funds, of any and all recipients in the care of, or receiving services from, the provider.
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