My mess after a long day at Studio !

Creative Skillz Tampa

Mondays are the worst! I really love my studio S/L/A/S/H office, but on Mondays its like everybody comes back to life from being partially brain dead over the weekend. Just to start the same old crappy routine again and again and again. Everybody starts calling , emailing or just popping up unexpectedly . Meanwhile, there’s always, always something, that you need to finish that you didn’t finish last week. Then “eeeeeeverybody”, wants to do a ZOOM meeting. Ugh-O its time to ZOOM! Like I really want to see everybody’s face or be on camera . NO! I DONT WANT TO ZOOM, NO DUO, NO FACETIME, OR ANY VIDEO APP, CRAP! Especially with people from at work that are on this crazy high and mighty ZOOM TRIP ! Any way just venting cause I think I went to bed late last night ! its almost like being forced to do a ZOOM Meeting with a hang over ! SMH

By the way we have a Zoom meeting on Thursday 02/25/2021 to finish up the 2021 marketing initiatives! LOL

Creative Skillz

Tampa Marketing Team